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Quote Number QUO-2182
Quote Date 21st January 2021
Total £2,910.00
Paul Taylor

79 Catalina Drive
BH15 1TQ

Price includes to re-do the whole flat roof area above garage as per inspection the roof has began to delaminate and become brittle indicating it is at the end of its life. We have priced for a new liquid rubber system which is flame free and will allow us to seal under the wooden cladding without removal saving time and money.

I have attached a few images of the affected areas.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 79 Catalina Drive Works

/////////////////////FLAT ROOF//////////////////////////////

Erect scaffolding tower to allow for safe access to flat roof area.
Rip up existing promenade tiles.
Rip up existing felt covering.
Supply and install new ply wood deck to create solid base for new water proofing system.
Supply and install new outlet including leaf catch.
Supply and fit new FIX-R Liquid Rubber water proof system.
Install new promenade tiles.

//////////////////// INTERNAL WORKS//////////////////////

Remove internal down pipe leading from flat roof , reseal and reinstate.
Remove affected area of plasterboarding that has began to mould back to closest non affected rafter.
Install new plasterboarding , tape joint and filled.
Repaint area in white to match existing colour.

//////////////////// REAR EXTERNAL WORKS//////////////////////

Remove verge mortar that has been dislodged to left side
Rebed verge using 3-1 mortar , left side.
Clean down both small valleys left side of property on small apex roof line.

Cart away all debris from site.

Sub Total £2,910.00
Tax £0.00
Total £2,910.00

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