12 Avon Courtyard
120 Avon Road
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Quote Number QUO-2172
Quote Date 5th January 2021
Total £3,100.00
Tash Tudor

44a Cardigan Road

44a Cardigan road

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Re-Felt and batten

Erect scaffolding for safe working access.
Take off Hips and clean off and put aside for Re-use
Take off Slates and put aside for Re-use.
Strip old Felt and batten Remove from site
Rip out old Valley and dispose off.
Re-line new GRP Valley
Apply new breathable Felt.
Gauge battens with 25X50 batten
Re-use the existing slates for slating
Apply a Dry fix system to the re-used hips
Clear all gutting
Check all downpipes on guttering are free flowing
Remove all debris from site.

Sub Total £3,100.00
Tax £0.00
Total £3,100.00

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